Apc-dr1 инструкция

apc-dr1 инструкция
Nature Methods. 3(3), 199-204 (March 2006). E. M. Anderson et al., Experimental validation of the importance of seed complement frequency to siRNA specificity. RNA. 14(5), 853-861 (May 2008). The APC time switch controls electrical installation using daily programs.D1 has no battery backup while DR1 has a battery backup. It has a manual switch with a permanent ON position. It uses AC 230V and 1x NO 16A output contact. You’ll want to put together your mini power pod first! Minimum purchase of 4 at the 2 nmol size. Panel (C) represents quantitation of off-targets (down-regulated by 2-fold or more) induced by the indicated siRNA reagents targeting 10 different genes (4 siRNAs per gene or a single SMARTpool reagent). Off-targets were quantified using microarray analysis (Agilent) then compiled.

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References A. L. Jackson et al., Position-specific chemical modification increases specificity of siRNA-mediated gene silencing. RNA. 12(7), 1197-1205 (July 2006). A. Birmingham et al., 3′-UTR seed matches, but not overall identity, are associated with RNAi off-targets. The analog electromechanical time switch (APC-D1, APC-DR1) has a sealable cover on the front panel and uses a simple dial time setting with a 15 minute minimum switching time. Handy extra to have in case of original part loss. This step-by-step tutorial will show you everything you need to build your FT Tiny Trainer Speed Build Kit.

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