Alinco dr-m 03 sx инструкция

alinco dr-m 03 sx инструкция
All the contacts are «coin silver» plated, and the switch is super heavy duty. There is space inside to work and move around. Perfect for true telephone-style auto- patching with a modern crossband repeater! SIMULTANEOUS DUAL BAND RECEPTION. Monitor both bands on the internal speaker or add external speakers. Misplaced my original manual and would like to replace. I have downloaded a replacement from TENTEC but would like to have the original manual. Honestly, I can’t imagine the original factory manual looking any better. I am particularly impressed with the readability of the schematic. So many times the reproduction schematics look like copies of copies with poor resolution. Will ship to you if you want them.

They should be capable of SSB and CW transmission with from 10 W to 100 W out- put. An alternate method of signal generation is a transverter. Next picture, a detail of the GRC-9 Capacitor. This is something I got into the habit of doing with my home-brew 4 x 1 , which doesn’t have tuned input or bandswitch— just a big rotter inductor. This project shows you how to build a simple circuit that can be installed in place of the optional voice synthesizer board— you won’t need to modify the radio. The US lists a paper figure of approximately 509,000 licensed amateurs. (From the B-N-T Bulletin. ) Amateur Radio at Malta When Gorbachev and President Bush met at Malta, amateur radio was there, too. With these, we passed 1600 radios in the database!2001-03-28 Updated Skanti R5001 with a much better color pix (TNX to Gran). Updated spec’s for Colt 444 (TNX to Sebastiaan). Moved all National/Panasonic radios to their own area.

Please select DX-70T(TH) CTCSS Instruction DX-70T Relay MOD DX-70TH Relay MOD DR-130T Memory program Instruction DR-150T Cloning Cable Instruction DX-77T Computer Control Instruction FRS CTCSS TONES Comparison chart. Thank you Pete. 08/12/2015: Rich I received my manuals for a Utica 650 transceiver & VFO and am very pleased with my purchase. The prices are excellent. I will be back for more. Stocked & serviced, call for great prices! h/ictfia Moruots- Amateuf Radio Course COMET ANTENNAS STQCKEJ HEIL EQUIPMENT IN STOCK Hy-Gain Towers ft Antennas, and Rotors will be shipped direct to you FREE o* shipping cost New TEN- TEC CorsaiMI, PARAGON. OMNIV IIX Towers.

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