Air torque инструкция по монтажу

This clutch style is similar to the “cam-over” when once the final torque is reached because the clutch continues to cam over and slip. It will continue to run until the operator releases the throttle. Brushed electric motors and more efficient brushless motors are used. Their innovative features have been designed to ensure maximum reliability and high productivity while respecting ergonomic principles and paying great attention to environmental impact. Corded[edit] Corded electric torque screwdrivers are commonly made in three different designs: pistol grip, angle and inline. Designed for safe operation and increase comfort for operators, the Flex Power tools provide lower noise decibels than comparative air tools as well as minimal vibration and low torque reaction on the operator.

Four different colored tool bands allow color coding of specific torque values (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow are included) Built with new aluminum alloy to provide durability and reduced maintenance — no cracking, fading or chipping found in composite body tools. Can’t find what you are looking for or need some assistance with product selection? More Info > About Us STANLEY Assembly Technologies has been producing high-quality assembly tools since 1963. More Info > Contact Us Contact STANLEY Assembly Technologies for all your assembly product needs. 1 Series Time-tested design provides repeatable results, day in and day out, at an economical price.

All have a torque-limiting clutch that disengages once the preset torque has been reached. Safe operation with reduced noise, vibration and low torque reaction. Products & Services This is the result of the Air Torque SpA mission to offer always innovative products by combining the long field experience Certifications Air Torque SpA is complying with the main international standards.

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